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About Choose Thrive Mental Health for Youth Young Adults and Families Charity DGR Status East Gosford Central Coast NSW Australia Anxiety Depression Cafe

For the purpose of our Position Statement, 'Our People' refers to Board Members, Staff, Volunteers, Service Providers, Suppliers and any individual who utilises our range of services. 

Choose Thrive supports Our People to make medical decisions which they believe is right for them and their loved ones

Choose Thrive will not request any medical history, including information around the covid vaccine, from Our People

Choose Thrive will not divulge any medical history of Our People to any organisation (government or private) or individual

Choose Thrive will not discriminate against anyone based on medical choices - we welcome everyone

The below cornerstones of Choose Thrive helped form our Position Statement on the covid vaccine

  • Choose Thrive is a charity driven by Christian values, with one of our Core Values being Liberty
  • Choose Thrive was founded on the principal of being free to make the choice which you believe will help you thrive, and becoming the person who God plans for you to be
  • Choose Thrive believes in treating all people with respect and dignity regardless of personal decisions, including medical decisions
  • Choose Thrive is a champion of human rights for all
  • Choose Thrive respects the law in regard to discrimination (specifically, The Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986)
  • Choose Thrive respects the law in regard to privacy (specifically, The Privacy Act 1988) 

In fide, spe et caritate.
Michele Gower, CEO & Founder

"Now the Lord is the spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom"
2 Corin 3:17

Choose Thrive is a Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing charity, located on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW. 

We develop creative solutions to support vulnerable and at-risk youth within our local community. Our solutions are delivered by mental health professionals trained in supporting young people.

Our people are guided by the Catholic values of compassion, courage, and charity. We hold the core belief that given the right support, everyone has the capacity to thrive.

Choose Thrive Inc (INC1901073) is an Australian registered
Public Benevolent Charity, & has been endorsed
by the ATO as a Deductible Gift Recipient.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductable.

Choose Thrive Youth Young Adult Family Mental Health Wellbeing Charity DGR Endorsed Public Benevolent Institution PBI Gosford Central Coast NSW Australia Cafe Michele Gower

54 Hills Street, North Gosford NSW 2250, Australia
0414 210 810 (Michele Gower)
Choose Thrive offers mental health and wellbeing support to Central Coast Youth & Young Adults, and their Families.

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