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Judy Raymond Choose Thrive Catholic Christian Youth Mental Health Charity DGR Endorsed PBI North Gosford Central Coast NSW Australia
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Hi. I'm Judy.  I am passionate about helping others overcome adversity and challenges. I enjoy listening to people and then helping them to see the bright side of a situation and finding solutions to their issues.

I have a great sense of empathy with people who are struggling and I listen without judgement. For this reason, I was selected as part of the Trauma Response Team with the Commonwealth Bank, when the devastating QLD floods hit.  I was the only one from my region selected, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to help those who were truly in crisis.

I've volunteered at many organisations over the last 40 years of my life, including Christian Charities, Schools, Sports Clubs and for Health & Wellbeing causes. 

I enjoy talking with children & young people and find that I have a great rapport with them. 

I'm the owner of a Personalised Ribbon business, called Ribbon and Bows. I love helping my customers design their custom printed ribbons for the important occasions in their lives. 

I'm also a Nan of 6 beautiful grandchildren, whom I absolutely love spending time with. 

I have many hobbies which I love: dancing (mainly rock n roll), gardening (roses are my favourites), socialising with my family and friends, reading, photography and listening to music.

A few things on my 'bucket list'...I'd love to write a book and learn how to play the piano!


  • Regional Trauma Support Team – Floods, Commonwealth Bank
  • Sunday Breakfast Team, Coast Shelter
  • Day Co-Ordinator, St Vincent de Paul
  • Support Team, Salvation Army Employment Plus
  • Look Good, Feel Better Program Volunteer, SAN Hospital Wahroonga
  • Public Speaker – Positivity and the impact it has on recovery from breast cancer
  • Fundraising Event Organiser, Apex Australia
  • Small Business Owner, Ribbon & Bows
  • School Banking Specialist, Commonwealth Bank
  • Canteen Co-ordinator, Hornsby Hts Sports Club
  • Sports Manager – Netball, Soccer and Baseball
  • Customer Service Specialist, Commonwealth Bank


  • Vocational and Community Engagement
  • Anti Money Laundering Awareness
  • Code of Banking Practice
  • Justice of the Peace


"Treat everyone how you would like to be treated.

We are all equal. No one is better than anyone else."
Judy Raymond

Choose Thrive is a Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing charity, located on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW. 

We develop creative solutions to support vulnerable and at-risk youth within our local community. Our solutions are delivered by mental health professionals trained in supporting young people.

Our people are guided by the Catholic values of compassion, courage, and charity. We hold the core belief that given the right support, everyone has the capacity to thrive.

Choose Thrive Inc (INC1901073) is an Australian registered
Public Benevolent Charity, & has been endorsed
by the ATO as a Deductible Gift Recipient.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductable.

Choose Thrive Youth Young Adult Family Mental Health Wellbeing Charity DGR Endorsed Public Benevolent Institution PBI Gosford Central Coast NSW Australia Cafe Michele Gower

54 Hills Street, North Gosford NSW 2250, Australia
0414 210 810 (Michele Gower)
Choose Thrive offers mental health and wellbeing support to Central Coast Youth & Young Adults, and their Families.

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